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ArdSimX Plugin (ver. 1.14, Sept. 2017 )
ArdSimX Library (ver.1.95, Nov. 2017 )

ArdSimX Interface for home cockpit builders

ArdSimX Interface is easy to use Arduino-based Input/Output software for creating DIY controls (inputs and outputs) for you home cockpit X-Plane simulator without programming and advanced electronics knowledge.

This project is intended to show beginners that cockpit building could be an inexpensive and easy process, not necessary to spend much money to realize your dreams.

- The core part of this project is ArdSimX Plugin that need to be placed in the X-Plane's "plugins" folder.

- The second essential part of software is ArdSimX Interface Library for Arduino.

All you need to start - just upload the base sketch to your Arduino and configure inputs/outputs pins, it can be done just in few minutes to try.

ArdSimX plugin supports both LAN and USB connection with Arduino.

Even one Arduino Mega board could be enough for the whole cockpit controls, but you can use several boards with ArdSimX. Currently up to 9 different boards can be used for one system, with LAN connection and USB connection in any combination.

ArdSimX Configuration

To assign Arduino pins for input or output the convenient online configuration toolis used. All connected boards use one combined Input/Output configuration.

ArdSimX Configurator allows you to easily link all your controls and instruments to X-Plane using any of the popular Arduino boards (Mega, Uno, Nano, Mini, Micro), without requiring additional Arduino programming.

All these configuration options are supported directly, without additional Arduino programming or libraries adding:


  • Fully configurable inputs for toggle switches or push-button momentary switches.
  • The number of button/switch inputs for one Arduino can be extended with "key-matrix" connection.
  • Any toggle switch or push-button can be assigned to control several parameters at once if needed.
  • Any Encoder can have several switchable modes (the mode switch buttons are used for this).
  • You can configure Analog input (axis) precision (sensitivity) and input range.
  • Analog inputs, can be used as digital input for multi-position switch or for a simple button/switch.

  • Outputs:

  • LEDs (digital Output). Along with direct LED output, you can connect numbers of "serial" LEDs to one Arduino using additional registers.
  • Any "LED" output can be used also as simple digital output to control other devices, relays, ICs inputs etc.
  • Stepper motors support - any type of gauges can be easily configured (non-linear mapping, cyclic, multi-turn, with zero-sensor or not).
  • Fully configurable output for 7-segment displays, with several configurable display options (up to 8 digits each, with or without dot etc.).
  • Moving-coil PWM gauges support with value mapping.
  • Other options:

  • Any X-Plane parameter value can be stored in memory stack with memory button (like radio frequencies).
  • You can get, change and send any dataref values to X-Plane using your custom code.

ArdSimX is the latest of our Arduino Interfaces.If you're looking for info on ArdSim, the previous interface, check here.

SimVim Instrument panels

The ArdSimX plugin also is a core part of our SimVim instruments - an easy-to-use program providing a set of realistic, fully-functional aircraft instruments to be displayed on a computer that is connected by network to the main computer with X-Plane and ArdSimX plugin.

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