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ArdSimX X-Plane Plugin    (v1.22, Jan. 20, 2018 ) ArdSimX Library    (v1.25, Jan. 26, 2018 )
Versions History

ArdSimX Interface History

Note (January 2017):

The last couple of weeks we have updated ArdSimX several times trying to implement better encoder processing algorithm focused mostly on encoder "acceleration".

1.22 / lib 1.25 - Changes how the "Skip steps" option for encoders works. More info here, under "Additional options".
- Library 1.24 - Corrected some minor bugs and custom input value overflow bug was fixed.
- Library 1.25 - Added smooth needle/card movement when encoder accelerates .
1.21 / lib 1.23 - Plugin - Some improvements in data receiving
- Encoder acceleration now accounts for frame rate.
- Library 1.23 - Stable version for improved encoder behaviour.
1.20 - Plugin: Fixed a long-standing bug with analog precision over 100 not working properly.
- Library: Improved acceleration for encoders with low rotation resolution
1.19 - Added version control for plugin/library compatibility. An error will be displayed in the Status window if a connected Arduino has an older library version than required by the plugin, and this Arduino will be ignored.
1.18 - Firmware code completely revised.
- Improved encoder processing algorithm with rotation speed acceleration.
- Library performance improvements, several bug fixes.
- Improved handling of initial input data.
- Some fixes related to reconnection and serial ports.
- Improved "Reconnect" function. Previously connected devices reconnect immediately.
- Fixed X-Plane event-based inputs reset for USB.

To prevent wrong library version uploading to Arduino boards (if a copy of an older library remained) the name of the main library file that is included in the "base" Arduino sketch was changed
- from
#include <ArdSimX_Interface.h>
- to
#include <ArdSimX.h>
1.15 - 1.17 Transitional temporary versions
Plugin 1.14
Library 1.14
- Fixed the bug with Serial LED non-range condition not working.
- Output config lines sharing the same ID will all be active again by default, unless an output parameter switch for them is present.
1.13 - Fixed the problem with detection of certain custom datarefs.
- Expanded communication with SimVim Panel. Future support for Raspberry Pi GPIO.
- Buttons can act as output parameter switch (no configurator support yet).
1.12 - Fixed the bug with Programmed Input values not being accepted correctly.
1.11 - Fixed the crash with LAN connection in Windows version.
- Support for inputs from SimVim Panel (v2.3).
- USB_FIX now enabled by default in Windows version.
- Fixed the dot not disappearing when integer exceeds the number of digits on a 7-segment display with "Reverse" flag.
- Experimental quadratic function support for analog input (Q A0 A1 ... line under [A] config section) Update 1.11a: Fixed a bug related to multiple USB connections in Linux and Mac versions.
1.10 - "ardsimx/starter_ignition" command no longer requires "Press-and-hold" functionality configured.
- Added optional step skipping for encoder input (experimental feature).
- Added an option for config.ini - "USB_FIX = 1" (only use if you experience the rare bug with USB communication stopping after "Scanning" finishes).
Update: Fixed a USB-related crash on Mac introduced since v1.9
1.10d for Mac: Fixed inputs not working.
1.9 - Output byte array type datarefs to Arduino (NAVAIDs) - will not work until the Library is updated
- Fixed a bug with press-and-hold commands also executing a momentary action on start
- Implemented custom commands for Starter+Ignition (included in the configurator)
- Optional limits for dataref values controlled by encoders or increment buttons (config - third value in line, example: "1+,500"). Datarefs only.
- For Mac: Added support for USB port names starting with "cu."
1.8 - Press-and-hold for buttons on analog inputs now works properly
- Fixed a crash caused under certain conditions by datarefs with Press-and-hold function
- Inverted Serial LED order on each register to reflect the new connection scheme
- Supports "d" and "b" config identifiers for differentiating between rotary switch digital positions and ordinary digital buttons
1.7Fixed a bug with continuous commands (such as engine ignition) and test buttons. Could potentially lead to crashes.
1.6 - More options for Indication Test button (7-segments, direct and serial LEDs)
- Added custom dataref for blinking LEDs (autopilot)
- Added Servo support
1.5cFixed issue with Analog inputs not working when precision is configured between 51-100.
1.5bFixed typo in Stepper initialization code.
1.5aFixed a crash when connected to network router with broadcast support.
1.5 - Internal code optimizations. More unification between input and output config
- Added reverse digits order for 7-segment display
- Cyclic mode button can now be configured with the number of steps to increment
- Sends individual number to connected devices
- Modified "Repeat" function for commands
- Fixed Encoder mode output to LEDs
- Added Encoder mode output to Serial LEDs and Programmed Output
- "Test 7-segment display" button
Hotfix: Fixed crash when connecting to Arduino with no config for this Arduino present
1.4Fixed crash if array number is specified as "0" in config file.
1.3Multiple-mode encoders fixed
1.2- Added cyclic toggle buttons support
- Changed repeat button config - now listed in [A] section
1.1ArdSimX Release

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