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Download ArdSimX

ArdSimX X-Plane Plugin    (v1.22, Jan. 20, 2018 ) ArdSimX Library    (v1.25, Jan. 26, 2018 )
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ArdSimX - Installation

ArdSimX Library

    Download archive and save it in some folder.

    1. If you don't have ArdSimX Library installed, in Arduino IDE open:

  • Menu --> "Sketch" ---> "Include Library.."------> "Add .ZIP Library..."
  • In the opened dialog find the folder where you have downloaded file
  • Select downloaded file and the library will be added to Arduino IDE.

  • 2. If you have previously installed ArdSimX library :

  • - When you download a new version of ArdSimX Arduino library, make sure you've replaced the old version. (you can just replace the existing ArdSimX folder in your Arduino libraries folder if you had it previously).
Get Arduino IDE software from the official Arduino website: IDE Releases.
You can use any version of IDE greater than 1.6.6 for ArdSimX.

Install ArdSimX Plugin

ArdSimX Plugin Installation:

Install the plugin into your X-Plane.

Unzip the downloaded file "AS-IS" into your X-Plane/Resources/plugins/ folder (the new folder named "ArdSimX" has to appear in X-Plane "Resources/plugins" folder).

If the plugin is correctly installed the "ArdSimX" item in X-Plane "Plugins" menu will appear. This menu has three submenu items: Status, Reconnect and Reload Plugins (optional). Use "Status" to check the plugin's connections state and change the USB option, and "Reconnect" when you need the plugin to search for new connected devices.

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