Toggle switches Configuration

Toggle switches in aircraft cockpits are commonly used to surely toggle between two stable states of different systems - on/off, display mode, sources etc.

On the configurator page select any pin (or matrix node) that you want to assign as toggle switch (click it in the Arduino picture). In the opened configurator dialog window choose "T-Switch" option.

When you click on text field below the parameter configuration window will appear where you can choose which parameter this button or switch will control. Click the WRITE button to save your configuration for this switch.

Here is example of assigning the "Battery #1" On/Off switch connected to pin #8

Note: You can select an analog pin also to configure it as digital input for toggle switch.

Configure switches for matrix input

If you use input matrix you can assign a switch to be connected to any node of this matrix.

Select the Matrix Input tab (it becomes active after matrix NxM has been configured) and the table with matrix node list will be opened. Then you can select matrix node in this table (node number is shown in the left) and assign switch to this node the same way as you do for the direct inputs above.

Multiple parameters control

Sometimes you may need one toggle switch to control more than one parameter. You can choose the number of parameters to be controlled (from 1 to 4) using the numbered buttons below the text field and then assign specofic parameter for each field as in example below ( one switch toggles both batteries On/Off):

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