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SimVim Panel - Beechcraft Baron-58

This panel comes in 3 different variants:

  • Pilot side only
  • Copilot side only
  • Full panel for 2 monitors

Does not include GPS.

Included instruments:

Pilot side:

  • Airspeed Indicator 260 knots
  • Attitude Indicator KI-256
  • Altimeter - KEA130A
  • Turn/slip indicator
  • HSI KI-525A
  • VSI 3000 fpm
  • VOR Indicator KI209
  • ADF Indicator KI228
  • Radio Altimeter KRA-10A
  • DME KDI-572 master indicator
  • Annunciator panel KA-285
  • Preselected altitude display KAS297
  • 2x Engine manifold pressure indicators
  • 2x Engine RPM indicators
  • 2x Engine fuel flow indicators
  • 2x Engine temperature indicators
  • 2x Engine oil temperature/pressure indicators
  • Engine sync indicator

Coilot side:

    Radio equipment:
  • COM/NAV module KX 155A (KX 156A)
  • COM/NAV module KX 155A (KX 156A)
  • ADF module KR87
  • Transponder KT70
  • Optional Gauges:
  • Artificial horizon
  • Altimeter - KEA130A


  • Make new version with more precise instruments positioning and updated/corrected instruments (the picture above)
  • Optional full panel background (the picture above) - for those who don't want to make full cover panel

Download module:

NameUpdatedRequired coreRequired display sizeNotes
Baron-58 Pilot side4 Nov. 2017v2.022", 1680x1050 (16:10)No GPS display
Baron-58 Copilot side1 Feb. 2017v2.018.5" 1366x768 (16:9)
Baron-58 Full panel4 Nov. 2017v2.02 displays listed above ^
Baron-58 Pilot - no bezel11 Mar. 2017v2.022", 1680x1050 (16:10)Raspberry Pi compatible

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