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Running the Multi-screen panels

Some SimVim Panels (usually the ones that show both the pilot and copilot side of the cockpit) are made to run on multiple screens at once. To use them properly, you need to configure your system to use the screens as a single large desktop. For example, if the panel requires 2 screens with 1920x1080 and 1440x900 resolution, you will need to configure them to be used as a 3360x1080 desktop.

If you configure your displays properly, the panel will run in fullscreen on both displays.

Note that you cannot use more than one instance of SimVim Panel on one computer. While multiple instances can be launched, only one of them will be able to connect to the plugin in X-Plane.


Normally, SimVim Panel works without any configuration. If you have some problems with connection to ArdSim/X plugin, or instruments scaling/position you can use the "settings.ini" file to configure some variables.

Optional network settings

  • My_IP - Set your IP manually if you have trouble connecting to the plugin. If you enable Debug and see that your IP isn't detected correctly, set it here.
  • XPlane_IP - Optionally - specify the IP of your computer running X-Plane with ArdSimX plugin. This isn't needed for connection normally, but will enable the program to connect faster on startup, even if the plugin has already finished scanning for new connections.
  • Port - the LAN port number to use for communication. Default is "5080". Only change if you need to free the port 5080 (also changed the port used by ArdSim/ArdSimX plugin).

Configuring the panel size

To get the gauges to be displayed as real-size, it is recommended to use the same display the panel is made for, or at least a display with the same PPI.

However, if you use a display different from the one that is recommended, you can set some options to have the gauges scaled to the right size.

Note that scaling may reduce the visual quality of the instruments. Some systems may set the appropriate scaling automatically if they can detect your display parameters.

Here's the list of available display options:
  • Screen_Resolution - normally detected automatically, no need to set this, unless you are using a Linux system without a desktop environment (common on Raspberry Pi). Overrides your screen resolution (example: "Screen_Resolution = 1920,1080")
  • Screen_Diagonal - set this equal to the diagonal size of your display, in either inches or millimeters (values <100 are inches, >100 are mm).
  • Screen_Horizontal - Alternative to the above - only use one of these options. Set this equal to the horizontal size of your display, in either inches or millimeters. If set, this overrides the "Screen_Diagonal" option.
  • Fullscreen - determines if the program run in fullscreen or windowed mode.
    "0" is windowed.
    "1" is fullscreen.
    "2" is borderless window (added in v2.2, may be useful for multi-screen panels).
    Fullscreen is the default mode and provides correct instrument positions and sizes on the recommended display.

Normally the display size is detected automatically. Set "Screen_Horizontal = auto" to enable this.

Options set automatically

You can use the hotkeys when running SimVim Panel to configure these options. They will be saved in the settings file automatically.

  • Hide_Bezels - "1" to hide instrument bezels, "0" to show.
  • Offset - two numbers (x,y) indicating panel offset from the initial position on screen.

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