This page is created  for users to discuss and collaborate on custom data conversion for those paid aircraft models that have their own commands / datarefs, and for which not all SimVim parameters work by default.

First  you can check  if your plane model conversion file is  available for download in the table below. If the aircraft is in the list, then you don't need to make your own conversion, just use it. Also, you have these options:

1. If the data file for your
aircraft is available but not finished yet and you want to  participate in editing this conversion (and know how to do this), please ask us and we will give you access to the community converter by the links in the table below.  You can open or join the discussion about conversion, custom datarefs/commands for your plane model.

2. You can ask us to add an aircraft
you want (if there is no conversion for this aircraft) and invite other users to help you create the conversion in the community converter (available for registered users with approved access to the converter). We will then add this aircraft to the  conversion list, so that you and other users can collaborate on it.

NOTE: Before using  the community converter (and getting access to it), you can try to use the "Personal Converter"  for creating your personal .dat file only.  Thus, you can try and learn how it works, test different methods of data conversion for your plane.

After this you can use the community converter (at least for most popular models).  This way the cooperation will allow several  users not to repeat the same work over and over again,  discuss all issues related to this model and create working conversion files more effectively.

Note 1:  The conversion file (in the table  below) can also be edited by other people who have access to the "community conversion tool".  Discuss any questions related to this aircraft's conversion file in this thread to collaborate with other editors and avoid misunderstandings.

Note 2:  Don't use irrelevant, mismatched parameter names from the SimVIm database list  to  convert the data for which you have not found appropriate SimVim parameters, use  the SimVim  configurator layout maps or  ask us to add the absent parameter to SimVim database.

Here you can download  aircraft data conversion files:
Click "Link to Converter" to edit the aircraft if you have access (ask if you need it):

Link to Community Converter Data conversion File Comments
DA-62 - Aerobask Download Finished (corrected 27 Apr)
TBM900 - HotStart (Corrected) Download Finished (corrected to new plugin format 27 April !!!)
Piper PA-44 Seminole, Alabeo
King Air 350 - AirFoil Labs Download
B1900 - Carenado Download  ~45 parameters converted
Baron B58 - Carenado Just started
Embraer E195 - SSG Download  --- Discussion
Embraer E195  - X-Crafts Ask
Challenger CL300 - DDen Download Image-map updated 20 Apr.
Eurocopter EC135 - RotorSim Download
MD-80 - Rotate Just started
Boeing B757 - FlightFactor Download Note: please use correct parameter names
Boeing B727 - FJS Ask if you want to edit it
Airbus A319 (320) ToLiss Download 6 May - about 80 parameters
Airbus A320 JarDesign Download in progress, about 110 parameters so far..
Airbus A320 - FlightFactor Download
Robinson R22 - DreamFoil Just started, few parameters
AS350B3 - DreamFoil


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