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Inputs/Outputs configuration in SimVimCockpit

Basic Six

Basic Six instruments, can be used for testing or for a variety of aircrafts if you go for a "generic" panel.

Baron 58

Baron 58 Left panel, right panel with radios and full panel

Robin DR400

Robin DR400 main panel with cut-outs template. Options: ADF indicator, different turn/slip indicators

King Air B200

Beechcraft King Air B200 panel - pilot + copilot (no center radio panel). Full EFIS-84 functionality

Diamond DA-20

Full Diamond DA-20 Panel

EFIS84 display

Standalone EFIS-84 display (EHSI) for separate small LCD screen

Radios - Com/Nav

Com / Nav Displays (155A/165A type). Options: store channels to the memory, select channels, CDI (Course Deviation Indicator) mode, To/From indicators, VOR OBS course display

Cessna 172

Cessna 210

Piper Cherokee

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