SimVim Software - Terms of Use

All SimVim Software is free and provided as-is for personal, non-commercial home use only!

Our interface is a composite system consisted of the firmware for the controller (Arduino, etc.) and plugin, which cannot work separately and are used together only! Arduino is used only as a convenient controller platform for SimVim firmware and is not supposed to be programmed as the "usual" Arduino.

Our policy:

We are strongly against aggressive commercialization of flight simulator community and excessively overpriced hardware that often are represented as "cheap" products for home cockpit builders, using lack of information that people have and rarity.
We don't want to be a part of any expensive products. Do not ask us about "licensing", about our percentages, etc.

Our project and all information on our web pages should inspire people to technical creativity, showing them that it's not necessary to spend a lot of money to realize their ideas.

We wish that any enthusiast with the desire to create a home cockpit could have free access to all needed software and technical information, and they should know that instead of purchasing some expensive hardware, they can make everything themselves spending a few hours and using cheap materials and free software.

Sure, every cockpit builder needs to do a lot of hand work, but this is a very exciting hobby, and we hope SimVim project would save them a lot of time and money and help them realize their dreams.

Read more about sim market prices here.

- ArdSimX or SimVimCockpit firmware (code) cannot be included (as part) and uploaded as code in any commercial hardware product!

- It's not allowed to embed SimVim Panels software and ArdSimX/SimVimCockpit firmware into your commercial software products.

- It's not allowed to keep any of our files on other web resources or include them in the package of any products you sell.

ArdSimX plugin, SimVimCockpit and SimVim Panel software, firmware, plugins can be downloaded from SimVim.com website only!

If you are making and selling some hardware "modules" for home cockpit builders and you want your buyers to be able to use ArdSimX (or SimVimCockpit) interface, please consider the following:

  • Don't integrate Arduino board to be used with ArdSimX or SimVimCockpit interface, into your device - this only adds costs and, more importantly - this limits SimVim users in connection options for a large number of other input/output controls. You can produce cheap, convenient bezels and modules with all knobs and switches in their places, but without the need to include any electronics inside your modules.

  • Do NOT mislead (cheat) people by trying to present your product as more complex and expensive than it actually is (when it can be just a few switches), by including a controller board (Arduino) into it which functionally fully depends on our program.

  • People can decide for themselves what type of controller board (or Arduino type) to use for SimVim (ArdSimX) firmware, where to place it in their home cockpit and how to configure its inputs/outputs! Your customers can easily install (and update!) the firmware themselves and create/modify a configuration suitable for all their needs.

  • Design your module in such a way that all wires from switches, encoders, or multiplexers, would be easily accessible on wire terminal blocks or connectors on backside of your device, and your users can decide for themselves how to connect and configure them and which interface to use (ArdSimX, SimVimCockpit or some third-party), having instructions from our website (or yours).

  • Then, you can describe that it is either for ArdSimX Interface or SimVim Cockpit, place a direct link to our website pages and optionally provide the possible connection table and configuration to include in the data.cfg file.


ArdSimX interface is provided AS-IS without any warranties, it constantly develops and improves. Plugin protocol was changed several times from version to version and it could change further (as well the firmware). New releases of the interface could have radical changes in protocol and configuration.

That is, if you include some of our firmware versions in your devices as a permanent part, we do not guarantee stability and compatibility to those who use your hardware products, we will NOT support them if they contact us.

Don't limit SimVim software usage with your hardware only, people should have the possibility to configure ArdSimX/SimVim for input/output the way they want to!

If you want to use our software as a simulator interface for the purposes of technical education and creativity in some non-profit institutions and public places (schools, museums, etc), please contact us before. If you are using SimVim already, please specify all our credentials on the webpages displaying your project.

SimVim Team.

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