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For parameter value increment/decrement two coupled momentary push-buttons (- and +) can be used in your cockpit. It can be buttons for map zooming, clock setting, trim adjustment, as well as for any other incremental inputs instead of using encoders.

Also, the rotary encoder is a commonly used input device for changing numerical data step-by-step. With SimVimCockpit you can configure any two input pins either for encoder or for a pair of increment/decrement buttons.

Encoder Connection

To work with SimVimCockpit all encoders (or pair of push-buttons) should be connected to Arduino pins or multiplexer pins directly, without using any pull-up/pull-down resistors. Each encoder occupies two adjacent inputs, and the common "C" terminal of each encoder is connected to the common GND bus:

NOTE: you need to know the positioning of the common ("C") terminal in each encoder, because it can be either in the middle or not.
Read more technical details about encoder types on this page: Tech Guides - Rotary Encoders

Encoder mode switches

You can use additional toggle switches or push-buttons to switch between different encoder modes, to control different parameters with this particular encoder:
  • 2-mode toggle switch (or push-button for press-and-hold operation) - if switch is in one position (or button is pushed and held), the encoder controls one parameter, when the switch is in the second position (or button is released), the encoder adjusts another parameter.
  • toggle mode push-button - to cycle betewen several modes. After each mode button press, the encoder will switch to the next parameter.
  • set of several push-buttons - to activate a specific mode out of several. Instead of cycling between several modes, each button sets a specific mode for the encoder.
If the encoder has a built-in push-button switch you can use it as any other "standalone" button for any simulator command, not linked with encoder itself, or as a mode switch described above.


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