<<<      Conditional Input/output Configuration

Often behaviour of some outputs or inputs is need to be dependent of other parameters. Sometimes it required tricky logic to set up all the required functionality.

In SimVimCockpit Interface, the logic for these functions is unified and allow greater control over various conditions. The main idea is that each config line can be dynamically enabled or disabled in dependance of current state of any other parameter or switch position.

There can be a lot of cases where the specific functions of inputs or outputs need to be changed or disabled by some conditions. Conditions may include either some parameters value range (bus voltage, autopilot state, multiple modes, and any others) or switch position:

  • Display or gauge stops/starts working when some Input (switch*) state is changed or data value is changed.
  • Display or gauge shows different parameters when Input (switch*) state is changed or data value is changed
  • Encoder (or switch) controls different parameters when Input (switch*) state is changed or data value is changed
  • Sometimes you may need an input (switch, encoder) stop working when some data is changed.
  • *It can be a switch (including multi-position switch) already assigned for some parameter or special "mode" switch not linked to any parameters.

  • All output devices (LEDs, displays, gauges) can be linked with any electric bus and work only if this bus voltage is high enough for this particular device. For example you gauge may stop working (and optionally be moved to the zero position) if the bus voltage drops below assigned value.

You may need a display (LCD, 7-segment) to be used for output different data or be turned off depending on some data values. Such condition, for example, can be used to disable a 7-segment radio display when the power failure has occured (or bus voltage is too low) in the simulator, along with any encoders and buttons associated with it.

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