<<<      Cockpit controls mapping for SimVim (including custom/Laminar planes)

You can create controls and outputs for any aircraft using SimVim configurator, which has a database that includes (almost) all possible parameters that can be found in any plane. All you need to do is select the appropriate SimVim function name for every control or display/annunciator.

Every parameter name in SimVim is "predefined", meaning that one Data_Name may actually represent:

1. a single command, two commands, commands and options;
2. dataref + options - number of digits for display, format, data range to map or value to set, default mapping, flags, etc...
3. SimVim function that can process several datarefs to get result for specific input or output

For most aircrafts, particulary for all X-Plane default and most of freeware models you don't need to do anything more. But for custom, payware models that can have their own 'custom" commands and datarefs that are not included yet in SimVim database, you will likely need to create the "parameters replacement table" as described below on this page.

Using the picture diagrams on this page as reference you can easily configure your cockpit controls. If SimVimCockpit already has the replacement table for some custom plane models, they are listed as supported.

Adapting parameters for use with custom aircrafts isn't always straightforward. In order to eliminate many of the questions regarding custom aircrafts, currently we're aiming to include all the required parameters for some custom aircrafts in the plugin database, so that the users wouldn't need to adapt their configuration to the custom parameters themselves.

SimVim controls mapping for Cessna 172

Non-standard (custom) functions are supported for these C172:

  • 1. Laminar Cessna 172

SimVim controls mapping for Aerolite 103

Custom functions are supported for Aerolite 103:

  • 1. Laminar Aerolite 103

Baron 58

Custom functions are supported for these Baron 58 models: 1.Laminar, 2.

Boeing 737-800+

Custom functions are supported for these B737 models:

  • 1. Laminar, ZiboMod, for the latest "ZiboMod" version 3.30). * Not all parameters for Zibo have been mapped yet. The base will be filled eventually (with your help too, see the notes below on this page).

NOTE: Support for automatic opening of all virtual switch cover guards for supported custom aircrafts has been added in v0.9.25, so they won't interfere with the functioning of real switches in your cockpit. Now you won't need to use extra unnecessary inputs for passing your real cover guard positions to the simulator.

Diamond DA62

Non-standard (custom) functions are supported for DA62: 1.Aerobask,....

Robin DR400

Non-standard (custom) functions are supported for Robin: 1. DR401 Aerobask,....

A320 Overhead SimVim Mapping

Non-standard (custom) functions are supported for:

  • 1. None ....

Dash 8-400 Overhead

Some non-standard (custom) functions are supported for:

  • 1.

Custom aircrafts support

You can help us (and help everybody) expand custom aircrafts supported in SimVim by testing a custom aircraft you want to see included to find out what parameters require custom assignment for it.

If you want to help this way, please do the following:

1. Using our "Custom Planes" template table, create similar table of commands/datarefs for your plane in our "collaborating" area of google documents. If the table for your plane is already existed, you can help to complete it, just ask us by email to get access.

2. Test the custom aircraft with your configuration to see what inputs/outputs are not working properly with the standard options.

3. Find all input/output functions in your plane that are not working with standard configuration, and the datarefs or commands that should be used in their place in this custom aircraft.

4. You need to find the appropriate parameter name in the SimVim parameters table (in the configurator). Almost all needed parameters are present in our database.

  • If there is no needed name - first you should consider if it is really needed or it is just "dummy", not really working (or not needed) function in your cockpit.
  • If you think the parameter is needed for your panel, and there is no suitable name in our database, you can propose your suggestions and we will add NEW name for it in our parameters database.
  • 5. If a command can't be directly used properly (such as a single "toggle" command for an "on/off" switch or pair of commands for rotary switch), also find other relevant data - such as a dataref holding the current switch position inside the virtual cockpit. This is neede for correct switches synchronization (see the syntax below).

    Syntax of the data conversion table, as it is shown in the "Custom Planes Template" (in order) :

    • 1) Simple output (annunciator) - custom dataref for this ann in the column "C"
    • 2) Simple Toggle switch for which 2 commands are existed. (commands in the columns "C" and D
    • 3) Simple Button - one command in column "C"
    • 4) Toggle switch for which ONE commands is existed only. Command in the columns "C" and Dataref that need to be checked for switch synchro - in D
    • 5) If toggle switch has a single command you can try yo use writable dataref (if all functionality works)
    • 6) Rotary switch that has only two +/- commands and read-only (or not) dataref to be checked:
      • - Commands in the C, D, dataref - in the "E" columns
      • - assign number of switch position after the dataref name (dataref_name:6)
    • 7) Rotary switch with writable dataref (values for each position in column D)

    Remember that with most of custom (and default) plane the commands should be used in the first place, not datarefs.

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