Supported Planes

When you create SimVim configuration for an aircraft, all cockpit controls, indicators and displays will work with all default X-Plane aircrafts and most freeware planes that use all standard commands and datarefs.

If created configuration don't fully work for some custom/commercial planes, the SimVim plugin has the conversion tool menu, where you can "re-map" some assigned controls to custom commands or datarefs.

But you don't need to make any conversion for the custom aircrafts that we already have included in SimVimCockpit database by default. That means you can simply create the configuration for your custom plane and fly.

When an aircraft is loading, the plugin looks for embedded replacement data table in the SimVim database and if it finds such for this plane, it remaps all needed standard input/output parameters into this plane model custom ones.

Here is the aircraft models list (and some addons list) for which we have made a conversion tables using their custom datarefs/commands and embedded them into SImVim database

Note: to test if the assigned parameters work as-is you should remove your user-created conversion file named as "simvim_yourPlaneName.dat" from your aircraft folder (if you have tried to make your own "conversion") and reconnect (reload configuration button).

Cessna 172Custom conversion embedded to SimVim databaseImage maps Notes, supported
Default Laminar8 "non-standard" Laminar parameters converted, +REP+Full
Baron 58
Default Laminar15 "non-standard" Laminar parameters converted, +REP-Full
Boeing 737
Default Laminar B738280 "non-standard" Laminar parameters converted+++Full
Laminar B738 Zibo Mod600 "Zibo" custom and "non-standard" Laminar parameters converted+++Few parameter need to be added for pedestal
Socata TBM9xx
HotStart TBM900118 custom parameters converted. All paranmeters for both G1000 PFDs and GDU 1500 MFD can be assigned in image-maps and all should work as-is (default are used), the buttons for MFD keypad all are remapped to the HotStart custom and included the database file+++Few parameter need to be tested
Robin DR4xx
Aerobask DR40113 custom Aerobask parameters converted-Full
Aerobask DA6230 custom Aerobask parameters converted-Full
Beechcraft King Air
Laminar C90About 70 "non-standard" Laminar parameters converted+++in progress
AirfoilLabs KingAir 350 --- +To be added
Beechcraft B200, B1900
Carenado B200 --- +++To be added
Carenado B1900 --- +To be added
A320 JarDesign --- -To be added

Addons, Instruments

AddonsCustom conversion embedded to SimVim database Notes, supported
REP (Reality Expansion Pack)All major REP parameters converted. If you have a plane that uses this pack (REP), the plugin will adapt all the needed parameters.+Full
Reality XP --- planned -- +--

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