SimVimCockpit - How it works

To start building your home cockpit with SimVim interface first read all wiring and configuration pages on this website, collect all needed components and then start wiring all needed switches, extensions, displays, LEDs, following your plan that you should have.

Then, use the SimVim Configurator, where you can select parameter for every input control, every display or annunciator and assign it as input or output.

Configurator table

The "interactive" image-map interface is embedded in the SimVim Configurator and includes the layouts of some popular aircraft panels, instruments and modules with all correctly assigned SimVim parameters. This allows you to quickly assign all the controls to your panel simply by clicking on the image-map areas.

You can use any of these layouts also as reference for any other cockpit that includes similar control elements, instruments and modules. All you need is select an appropriate element in the image maps and assign it for every switch, encoder, LED etc.

SimVim data structure

Configurator table

All parameters are defined in SimVim database as unified "keywords" that mean the real functionality in any aircraft cockpit, not representing a specific virtual model's commands/datarefs.

Every SimVim parameter keyword is a short representation of defined in the plugin database pre-assigned set of standard commands, datarefs with values, data display format (number of digits, rotary switch positions and other options), conditions or a special "custom" SimVim function.

SimVim configurator database includes almost every control element that can be found in any panels. If you can't find some parameter in the configurator, just ask us to add it (the real aircraft control parameter, not some dataref or commands!).

(!) Users can not create and add their own parameter keywords to the database, because we don't want it to lead to the same "custom dataref" chaos that we currently see in X-Plane.

As we eventually plan to make SimVim compatible with other simulators, this feature (universal parameter names) allows to have uniform configuration format, one configurator and possibility to fly on any simulator using the same data file.

Planes with custom commands/datarefs

Generally, using SimVimCockpit with any of default/free X-Plane aircraft or "custom" planes included in our database as default, you don't need to worry about simulator commands, datarefs, scripts, and internal structure of each parameter, just make the configuration and fly your plane.

If you have an aircraft model for which some of the selected and assigned parameters don't work when you are loading that plane, you need to find out yourself what set of "custom" commands/datarefs need to be used and assign them in the plugin convertion tool that creates the "data conversion" table for currently loaded aircraft model. This data table is used as reference for the plugin that "converts" all needed data for your custom plane "on the fly", when this plane is loading.

- Data exchange sequence - Additional tech information is for those who are interested.

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