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Most of the systems in an aircraft cockpit are controlled with toggle switches and push-buttons. With SimVimCockpit you can configure as many switches as you need to control your aircraft parameters.

When making cockpit controls you should know what type of switches you need to control every function in your cockpit - toggle switch with maintained functions (OFF-ON), toggle switch with one or two momentary positions, push-button switch with either momentary or alternate functions.

For more information about the different types of switches, see the tech guide pages.

Toggle Switch

Toggle switches with two fixed (maintained OFF-ON) states in aircraft cockpits are used to switch between two stable states of different systems, for example, Taxi Light or Pitot Heat switch, Nav1/Nav2 DME source switch, etc.

- In many cockpits, along with the toggle switches, alternate (not momentary) pushbutton switches are used, which have a locking mechanism to maintain the closed contacts position after releasing the button (such as "korry-type"). Another type of toggle switch is a rocker switch with two fixed positions, that is also used in some aircraft cockpits. All these switches work identically, having two fixed positions, but different actuators.

- A toggle switch can also have a 3-position circuit with 3 fixed positions (ON-OFF-ON), which is used like two separate switches that aren't supposed to be ON at the same time. Note: In SimVimCockpit, a 3-position toggle switch uses only 2 inputs - the middle (OFF) terminal is connected to GND.


Momentary push-button switch doesn't have a fixed actuated state - it remains in its operated position only while it is being actuated and held.

Push-button with momentary action is used for commands that executes once each time the button is clicked (push-release), such as Autopilot HDG mode that toggles between two states on each click, or repeating increment commands, set/reset parameter value, etc.

For some operations, you may need a toggle switch that has momentary action and works like a momentary button and keeps the contacts closed only while its lever is held in operated position that is spring-loaded to OFF position. It can be configured either as a button or as a switch in the configurator, depending on the function it actuates.


To work with SimVimCockpit correctly, the throw terminals of every toggle switch or push-button should be connected to one Arduino pin or one extended input directly, without using any pull-up/pull-down resistors. Another, "pole" terminal is connected to the common GND bus:


You can group a set of switches into one module/panel using multiplexer extension boards. Place several modules in different parts of your cockpit and connect them to the main board using only one pin for each multiplexer and a 4-wire address bus (or 6 wires if +5 and GND are included) that are laid across the cockpit to each multiplexer:


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