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This panel has typical for King Air 200/B200 configuration and comes in 3 different variants: Pilot side, Copilot side, 2-side panel for 2 LCDs on one computer. The center radio panel not included.

Included instruments:

Pilot side:

  • ASI - 300 knots
  • EFIS-84 (EADI)
  • EFIS-84 (EHSI)
  • Turn/slip indicator
  • RMI-30 (Collins) Indicator
  • VSI 3000 fpm
  • Altimeter Ali-80A
  • 2x Engine ITT indicators
  • 2x Engine Torque indicators
  • 2x Prop RPM indicators
  • 2x N1 RPM indicators
  • 2x Fuel Flow indicators
  • 2x Oil Temp/Pressure indicators
  • Engine sync indicator

Copilot side:

  • ASI - 300 knots
  • Turn/slip indicator
  • RMI-30 (Collins) Indicator
  • Radio Altimeter Collins 339H
  • Artificial horizon
  • Altimeter - KEA130A
  • HSI - Collins-331A

To be added:

  • Include DME displays
  • Expand EFIS-84 functionality
  • Make separate panel modules for annunciators and radio stack

Additional modules:

Optional modules - for small LCD screens: lower panel with flaps, cabin ALT and VVI indicators, two annunciator panels (upper and lower):

Download modules:

NameUpdatedRequired coreRequired LCD sizeNotes
B200 Pilot side30 Jan. 2019v3.023", 1920x1080 (16:9)Radio stack not included
B200 Copilot side30 Jan. 2019v3.017", 1280x1024 (5:4)
B200 Pilot + Copilot30 Jan. 2019v3.02 displays
B200 3 lower gauges (flaps/cabin)15 Feb. 2019v3.07", 800x480
B200 Overhead annunciators26 Jun. 2019v3.17", 800x480
B200 Lower annunciators26 Jun. 2019v3.17", 800x480

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