Technical tips and guides


A guide to components that can be used with SimVim Cockpit interface - breakout boards, controllers, integrated circuits, indicators, motors and other electronic components.


When building your home cockpit you need to know what type of switches can be used in this type of cockpit - momentary or alternate pushbuttons, toggle switches, springed switches...

Rotary Encoders

Rotary Encoders as input controls in your home cockpit - what you might need to know about types of rotary encoders, main technical data - detents, resolution, etc...

Analog Input Sensors

For continuous control of parameters in your aircraft, various types of analog sensors can be used, including simple resistive potentiometers and photoresistive sensors.

Multi-position Switch

Multi-position rotary and linear switches in your cockpit - how to use a single analog input for one multi-position switch and other tips and tricks...

Digital Output Options

How digital outputs (On/Off type) can be used in your home cockpit. Use direct or multiple serial output to control LEDs, relays, solenoids (flags), external digital circuits...

7-Segment Displays

Using 7-segment LED indicators in home cockpit is an easy way to simulate various devices displaying decimal numbers. In real planes some displays are made using such LED indicators.

Servo drives

Limited-movement servo

Using Servo as a cheap solution for various pointer gauges.

PWM control

PWM-controlled Output devices - moving-coil meters, LED graph bars, DC motors, how to use PWM to control brightmess etc.

Stepper motors

A brief guide to Stepper motors that can be used for instruments - types of motors and drivers supported by SimVim Cockpit, how to make instruments with continuous rotation.

Ethernet connection

Ethernet connection provides fast and reliable communication between SimVim plugin and controller board.

X-Plane Data

Input/Output parameters in SimVim and X-Plane, datarefs, commands, custom planes

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