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<<<      Controller (Arduino) and Peripherals Powering

If you have just started to work with Arduino and other electronics, you may have trouble making SimVimCockpit setup work. The cause of these problems can be improper powering of Arduino and connected devices.

Sometimes, devices powered from Arduino drain too much power for it to handle, sometimes incorrect Arduino pins are used for powering. At best, some output devices don't work until the problem is fixed. Worst case - Arduino may be permanently damaged.

This combined diagram was designed to provide you a convenient reference for the proper powering practices for your ArdSimX/SimVimCockpit setup:

Precautions when using electronic components

To reproduce all tech solutions presented here and use SimVim Design libraries you should understand all possible risks and carefully learn all aspects of using electric equipment. Keep in mind the rules of Arduino connection and powering to prevent its damage, short circuits, etc.

  • Do not use external power supply with voltage greater than 12V for your board (7..9V is prefereed).
  • Use only direct current Power Supply (stabilized DC supply is preferred).
  • Do not put your circuit boards and Ardunio on a metal surface when power is ON.
  • Keep track of your wires! Don't leave wire ends floating around freely - they can be a cause of unexpected short circuits.
  • Don't let the pin configured as output be shorted to the GND, power lines shorted between each other, input pins shorted to outut pins, etc.!

The usual safety measures to prevent you from burning your Arduino include checking if your input/output pins are correctly assigned when you have some devices connected to Arduino.

Note that SimVimCockpit configures all Arduino input and output pins according to the configuration file. As such, if you have some devices connected to your Arduino pins, especially if they are powered output devices, check that these pins are correctly assigned in the "data.cfg" file.

! Leaving the pin unassigned will not cause any problems, but having a pin assigned as output when you ossasionally connect a switch to it, for example, can be dangerous.

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