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We can assure you that with SImVim interface all your swicthes, annunciators and displays will work as they intended to, if you follow all our instructions and wiring diagrams.

But probably, before assembling and wiring your cockpit panels, you would like to test your configuration to be sure it wortks as you need. For this you may need some kind of workplace, and it should be conveniently organized for your needs.

As example, here you can see my “workbench”, which is effectively used to test and debug all the new features of SimVim interface, new devices and check all problematic situations that some users have encountered.

The basis of this workplace is a piece of rigid PVC wall panel. The central core of the system is the Mega2560 board, attached to this panel. Several breadboards of different sizes are glued across the entire base panel, surrounding the controller board.

The master board connection to the computer can be easily changed from USB to Ethernet at any time (W5100 micro module is used for LAN). The workboard layout constantly includes several main I/O devices used in SimVimCockpit, which are connected to the main board with neatly laid wires:

  • Several switches and buttons with direct and multiplexed connection
  • Linear potentiometer for axis input
  • 16x Serial LEDs with DM13A driver
  • TM1637 7-segment display, connected to output multiplexer.
  • 2x MAX7219 7-segment displays, one connected directly, another to output multiplexer.
  • LCD 40x2 and LCD (OLED) 20x2

Besides all of these "static" connections, any other device can be quickly added for testing using a large number of spare breadboard nodes, extension address bus ( the long power bars from a breadboards are used as 4 address lines) and ready to use serial interface for additional slave boards (servo, stepper drivers etc.).

This large working panel is a mobile table, which, if necessary, can be easily moved to other places, for this it is enough just to disconnect one or two cables (USB and additional power).

NEW: SimVim TEST Module

This new SimVim generic test platform will be ready in a few days, so we can quickly test different configurations for all the available input/output types, more quickly react to user questions related to specific configuration options, resolve problems and make video guides.

It's made out of an old box for 5" floppy disks, PC case plastic front covers, and this is just a small example of how to make old things work, giving them a new life, when you need to make one sample very quickly, there are always many “useless, waste” stuff around which can be utilized.

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