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SimVim controls mapping for Cessna 172

SimVim controls mapping for Aerolite 103

Custom parameters tables

Adapting parameters for use with custom aircrafts isn't always straightforward. In order to eliminate many of the questions regarding custom aircrafts, currently we're aiming to include all the required parameters for some custom aircrafts in the plugin database, so that the users wouldn't need to adapt their configuration to the custom parameters themselves.

Below are the tables with lists of custom parameter replacements that are already included in the plugin database. When making configuration for one of these custom aircrafts, you can select the same parameters that are listed under "SimVim Parameter Name" in these tables, and these parameters will work as intended without further customization.

The custom data table is for your reference only - it shows what custom command/datarefs are currently "mapped" to the default SimVim parameter names.

You should use these parameters as usual, assigning them in the configurator once. When you fly some plane that controlled with standard commands plugin uses them. When you fly custom (laminar) plane plugin will use custom commands using the corresponding mapping table.

B738X Laminar

(for the latest "ZiboMod" version 3.29). The plane folder should be located in the "Laminar Research/" folder."

* Note: This is a multi-page table. See the tabs at the bottom of the table.

* Not all parameters for B737 have been reassigned yet (about 300 added). The table will be filled eventually (with your help too, see the notes below on this page).

* All parameters have been manually organized and sorted accordingly with controls localization (MCP, pedestal ...) that is much more convinient for cockpit makers than having deal with not sorted data or organized by functionality only.

Currently mapped controls in b738X.

Aerobask Robin DR401

Aerobask Diamond DA62

You can help us expand this custom aircraft database by testing a custom aircraft you want to see included to find out what parameters require custom assignment for it.

If you want to help this way, please do the following:

1. Test the custom aircraft with your configuration to see what inputs/outputs are not working properly with the standard options.

2. Make a list of the parameters that are not working, and the datarefs or commands that should be used in their place in this custom aircraft.

3. You need to find the appropriate parameter name in the SimVim parameters table (in the configurator). Almost all needed parameters are present in our database.

If there is no needed name (such as Lavatory smoke) - first you should consider if it is really needed. In case of "lavatory smoke" I think you will never need this toilet smoke annunciator, it is FAKE.

If you think the parameter is needed for your panel, and there is no suitable name in our database, you can propose your suggestions and we will add NEW name for it in our parameters database.

4. If a command can't be directly used properly (such as a single "toggle" command for an "on/off" switch), please also provide other relevant data - such as a dataref holding the current switch position inside the virtual cockpit. This will help us more easily adapt the aircraft for use with our parameters database.

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