Practical Examples and Tech Tips

Powering, precautions

Rules of connections and powering to prevent damage, short circuits, etc.
updated 14 May

Wiring and Prototyping

How to make clean reliable wiring, how to organize your prototyping work space.
Updated 05 June

Start you home cockpit

What do you need to start building your home cockpit?
What are you really need to get?

To Buy or Make it?

We provide you a free interface and are trying to give all the possible technical information that should show you that everyone can make everything

DIY Breakout Board

How to make cheap breakout boards for SMD chips, without the need to make or order PCB.

DIY Coaxial Encoder

You might need a dual encoder in your panel, but in case you don't have one or it's too expensive, here are some tips about making coaxial rotary encoders yourself, quick and cheap.

2-needle Gauge

Make a two-needle gauge using two separate steppers for each needle with additional gear wheels.

How to make Make Gxxx

Need a G500,G1000, G3000 display in your cockpit? Make it almost for free. Instructions, components and costs

External GPS Screen

When you use external display for such devices as GPS in X-Plane you can use additional LCD screen (as second monitor in your sytem) to display GPS on it.

Electric Trim

How to make and configure Manual Electric Trim with DC motor control
added 20 November

Collins CTL-22 Radio

Ho to make Collins-style radio equipment mask in few minutes for free

Start Switch Return

Make a a return mechanism for an engine start switch, when the switch is held in the start position until the engine RPM raised to the sustained level (like B737)

FeedBack Systems

Need a full-motion cockpit and the control feedback?

Take photos of your cockpit

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