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new here =) First of all ... THANK YOU SOOOO much for providing us with such an amazing website. IT IS incredible.

I am also trying my first project (wet compass) with simvim. I have connected everything according to the instruction. MEGA to UNO to Easydriver a3967 to stepper motor X27.

1. I have tried all the pins to connect to the Uno (via chart, driver vid6006, driver vid6608 and both other drivers)  but it does not show up under guages in xplane. only says select gauge but i cant choose anything. Which one is the correct one for Easydriver A3967.

Again Thank you so much... THE mega does show as connected in my xplane.
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First, using A3967 (EasyDriver) to directly control X27 stepper is not so good as "dedicated" drivers. X27 is a very low-current motor (20mA) and EasyDriver is used for more powerful motors (200 -700mA).  Anyway, though we recommend to use only "dedicated" controllers for X27 (6606/08, etc.), if you need to you can use A3967 too (description will be added to site).

1) Upload the Stepper firmware to the slave Nano/Uno.
2) Connect X27 motor exactly as on the diagram on this page
3) Assign the needed parameter to the stepper - select parameter, then click on the stepper table control pin number.
That's all.

For the  compass there is a parameter in the table under the "Flight Instruments" Tab --> "Gauges/Indicators".
Find and select the needed parameter.

4) Save and start your plane - nothing more to do in this case.
Full-circle gauges don't need calibration. But you need to have correct placement of the zero-position sensor.

Very good DIY DA62 simulator!


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I just tested one my X27 with A3967, as "Heading_Vacuum" all works just fine.

Select option #2 from the drop-down list in the configurator when assigning. Check your connections ( the X27 coils to the A and B outputs).  It need to be: 1,2,4,3  to A1,A2,B1,B2.


I just realized that you could not download latest v 0.9.36, because it was uploaded only for patron's access for few days to test (as usual).

1) you need to download and install latest version v0.9.36 and re-upload stepper firmware (it's now opened for public, not for patrons only).

2) if you use X27 with A3967 - you need to set the controller  to "quarter-step" mode (MS1 to GND), else it will not work correct.


i have now got the new firmware. do i put ms1 to a ground on the uno or mega? or ground ms1 to the same board? ah the ms1 is config for quarter step i believe.

i am now a proud patreon. YOU guys are amazing for this site..

Thank you!

The first rule is - always connect all ground lines of all devices in your system. It is a common bus.

Please see the picture on this page, near  the video. It is for 28BYJ motor. For X27, you need not connect MS2, leave it as-is.


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