Is there someone who able to use Robotdyn's 6-Digit LED Display Tube, 7-segments,74HC595, WHITE Color display for SimVim to display x plane's 737 mcp altitude ?



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You cannot use this display with SimVimCockpit, because it is "multiplexing-type" of display, which uses 2 registers (as matrix - columns/rows) that should be constantly scanned and refreshing by microcontroller program code. This is unacceptable for such systems as cockpit control that deals with large amount of other input/output data.

Note: such drivers as MAX 7219 also the multiplexing system, but it is independent of the mictrocontroller and consists internal memory and multiplexing controller.

All you can use is described on the SimVim website pages.

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Hello Vlad,

Thank you for your explaining reply. I am giving order for new MAX7219 ones.


You can use either MAx7219, or TM1637 modules.
Also, you can combine any display using DM13 drivers or HC595 registers (or breakout boards) - http://simvim.com/tech_num.html
Seems much more complicated than doing it with a new MAX7219 module. Thanks for help.
I mean also the TM1637  4-digit and 6-digit modules,
https://aliexpress.com/item/32795864597.html  - 4-didit
https://aliexpress.com/item/32800127265.html  - 6-digit
You won't believe me but I had already bought TM1637 4 Digits. I had made mistake only with 6 digits. TM1637's are working great as Heading, Speed, Course.