Dear SimVim team,

I was wondering about the status of your force feedback feature as I'm currently on the look for a way to build a force feedback yoke probably like a few of us out there building a home cockpit.

Could you please keep us informed on that ?

Also, if that feature is not planned for a near future, is there any way to create such a system using an analog output ?

Thank for your hard work.
Jul 13, 2019 in Output - Gauges by

1 Answer

Some information you can read on this page (it's not in the site menu yet):

Jul 14, 2019 by
Hi Vlad,

I got quite excited reading this link and feedback controllers. Then like a episode of game of thrones, to be continued..............

Even if it's not the most realistic feedback. I've brought my little project this far with this in mind that I want to try and play with the feedback function.

Here looking forward to the be continued..........

Thanks for all the hard work it really is a excellent product

Thanks Neill