My 747 autopilot is getting there - I've 3d printed a panel and have done a lot of the wiring etc - 2 TM 7 seg leds, and 2 MAX 7seg leds a bunch of pushbuttons and toggle switches, and (for this question) encoders and a rotary switch for 'Bank Angle'.

I connected it up this evening and started to see how to configure, and ran into a little problem which I'm sure has a solution in the config file, but I've been unable to find it.

Some of my encoders are in reverse. For example turning the ;Heading' encoder clockwise, decreases the degrees instead of increasing.

Also, the Bank Angle rotary switch in the configurator requires (say) pins 2 to 7 on the multiplexer, however I need it to be from 7 to 2 (ie it's wired in reverse)

So - to the question(s)

1/ In the config file, is there a switch to reverse an encoder?

2/ How can I configure the rotary switch so that pin 7 is the 'first' pin, then 6,5,4,3,2?

I have searched the web site and the forum but didn't have any luck.


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1 Answer

Hi Pauly,

1. Encoders can be reversed via the plugin's "Input Options" menu. You can read more about the process of setting encoder options in this topic.
2. As for the rotary switch, there is no easy way to reverse their pin order in the config file. You'll have to swap the wires.
Jul 13, 2019 by
Hi Roman,

Thanks for the quick reply.

That's good news! I've done the encoders and all perfect.

I have to figure out why my toggle switches and the rotary switch arent working - All the pushbuttons do so I'll attack that next.

Very handy to have such excellent help here.