Hello everybody. Just a little question

I ve assigned " Left_Gear_Green" var for an output  as led but doesnt bright. Tried other var with same led and it works, so the led its ok, arduino card is ok... but why  the led doesnt bright when assign to left gear geen? Same happens with right gear and nose gear leds.

any help would be appreciate.

thanks and good night
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All 7 SimVim parameters for all gear "Greens/Reds/In trans"  work as default for  most of planes, including custom planes (as Laminar/Zibomod, etc). If some commercial plane has its own custom datarefs for the (rare) , they will need to be "remapped"


Vlad, finally I reload the firmware and changed the usb port where arduino was and the leds are working now. Thanks for your help!