First of all thanks for all the amazing content postd on this site. Is truly inspirational what can be achieved without having to spend A LOT of money on hardware.

I must say I am completely beginner in electronics so sorry if anything I ask seems too obvious. I am going by trial and error and every step I get assaulted by hundreds of questions.

After building my first panel using an MDF board and the Logitech hardware I have I still wanted some features on my panel that the hardware didnt provide (functions from the ADF, transponder, audio panel etc). Looking around on internet for commercial solutions that are close to what I have in my Piper PA28 I realized it was not gonna happen: the prices are ridiculous. Eventually I came across this site, so here I am in the process of building my own radio stack.

I wanted to start with the audio panel and I already have a prototype working. Got the schematics in fritzing and some tests in a bredboard to check everything works as intended.  I wanted to use buttons with embedded leds like the ones I see for the baron project, but because the leds have to move with the buttons i guess they cannot be directly soldered into a pcb or fixed. The only way I can think about is to connect the led terminals to some flexible cable and that cable is the one soldered to the pcb. Is there any better more clever way?
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If you mead our Baron : ,

yes all LEDs are connected with PCB by short very thin wires as I show on this blog post:

There is no any problems with the "moving" wires, because they move very little and never get broken, even single-core (if it is thin enough)


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Yeah I was envisioning something like this but is a lot more clear now with the diagram. So thanks a lot for taking the time to make it!

And again, congrats on the web and the software. They aren't short of amazing