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Congratulations for the amazing projects!

I am starting with SimVim, i started following the tutorials and get some some problems;


Running X-Plane 11

Macbook Pro - Just 4 Thunderbolt 3 Ports, i have USB to type C adapters and one hub with 3 USB ports.

Genuine Arduino Mega, Arduino Software communicates with the board for testing;

Bluetooth Off;

 X-plane recognises the Plugin, i am able to upload the firmware but after that, seems the board desapear;

Already Tryed to reconnect the hardware, external Power, all USB's, nothing solve yet;

During the upload arduino led flased, like a confirmation.

The status window shows 2 serial devices, but nothing on the Text Area that shows the connection.

Any tips or recomendations?

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Was the firmware upload successful? In the plugin's folder, check the "avr / avrdude_log.txt" file to see to uploader's log.

Yes, shows the firmware opload successfully;

The version is V9.41d;

I did not found any log files on avr folder
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Already Updated to V9.42. Also not working. Any tips for debugging the Connection on MAC.
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