first i would like to appreciate all the hard work done on this project, it's real gem.

I'm building my home cockpit and very happy with SimVimCockpit.

I build the rudder hardware and connect the potentiometer and chose A9 analog pin, after loading the new data file found the rudder going crazy flying like a bird wing, i calibrate it and during the calibration process it was stable till the data loaded and back again to flying in all directions!

I checked my wiring and all good, i changed the pin to another analog pins and same result, I thought it might be bad potentiometer, I ordered new one and removed the wires completely, and when the x-plane run again I noticed same issue, rudder just moving crazy even no hardware connected!

Please help me if i did something wrong?

Best regards


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You need to make and save the calibration correctly (full move - center) and check you wiring especially if the wire are long, maybe need more attention to power stability and  electric noise protection.
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I had the same issue as well with my throttle/elevator trim that I had side by side.  I figured out that it was bouncing from interference because I did not have anything plugged in to the other input at the time.  If you have anything else in the configuration near the same pin and nothing is plugged in to it, make sure to delete it out of the data until you have something hooked up.
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Hi guys
Load the last plugins v0_9_42_a
Rudder works perfect without strange movements, you should have some problem in hardware.