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I am building the cockpit of the plane I am flying for my PPL, a Katana DV-20.

Yesterday I tried to test a x27.168 with a vid6606 steppermotor driver.
I ran Xplane and uploaded the code to my Slave Arduino Nano.
Then I tried to move the motor with the gauge calibration tool, but it only runs counterclockwise by using the left  arrows. By using the right arrows, nothing happens.

I made a schematic overview of my wiring and I made some pictures. Does anyone have any idea about what I might be doing wrong?

I programmed the nano as a stepper slave and the mega 2560 as a master board.

Schematic Overview

I have a 2.2K resistor between the vid6606 port 1 and port 25 instead of a 1K resistor (simply because my 1K resistors are empty at the moment haha)
I don't have the capacitors as said on the simvim website, they should be optional right?

My nano is powered by the Vin-port via the 5V supply of my Mega 2560

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2 Answers

1. You cannot power the slave board from 5V using the Vin on Nano.

Use  additional power supply, some wall PS with usb connector.

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Thanks for your reply vlad.

I've disconnected the Vin, and just connected the USB to a 5V adapter from my iPhone.

It still does the same thing though.

I have put the issue in a small video, I hope it makes it more clear and maybe you can find an answer to the problem I'm encountering.

It's this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5JJF3tQEmI

Thanks a lot !

So I updated the circuit with the 5V supply to the nano and it still doesn't work unfortunately.

Circuit is now like this::

A video explaining the issue is over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5JJF3tQEmI

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Why have  you NOT connected the slave and master board as described on the SimVim wesite?


I was also trying and I had the same problem as you. then I realized that I was wrong to connect the stepper pins on VID 6606. check them well, even more than once. you will see that the problem is there.