My autopilot project is getting there slowly. See the pic below. It's not 100% accurate but it suits my simulation needs. I'm still waiting for some DM13A chips to light leds next to all the switches but everything else works as it should.

I do have a question however about varying the brightness of the 7 Segment LED displays.

I used 2 x TM1637 and 2 x MAX1729 displays in this unit. They work flawlessly however the MAX1729 leds are very bright compared to the others.

Is there a way to dim them separately to the TM1637s? I have already experimented with the display's 'dim' attribute in the configurator but did not achieve the desired result.



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You need to assign display  to the appropriate brightness  number used in your virtual panel, and it dimmed when you will rotate the corresponding brightness knob.

Also, in future we plan to add a separate control for each display.

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Hi Vlad,

Thanks for the reply - I apologise for not knowing but have to ask what a ‘virtual panel’ is, and how to assign a brightness number to it.?