X-Plane's default 737 

I've been having troubles trying to get the F/D on/off toggle switches to behave properly. 

Initially I thought I just had to change the wires on the toggles however I have found that when I 'Reload configuration' from simvim's status window, each of the F/D on/off switches toggle to the other position.

For example;

  • Start - F/D 1 = On F/D2 = off
  • Reload configuration
  • F/D 1 = Off, FD 2 = on
  • Reload configuration
  • F/D 1 = On, FD 2 = off
..and so on.
Is it something I have done, or more issues with the aircraft configuration? My understandin was that Simvim would read the status of the switches upon loading and set the 'on screen' switches like the hardware?
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Corrected, you need to download the latest database file here.
(It was influenced with Laminar b737 Zibo Mod flight director datarefs).

Also, the switch guards behaviour was corrected, will be available in next plugin update.

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