Hi Vlad and people, Now I have connected 2 max 7219 CNG chip, with 2 5 digit common cathode display, and following the connection as simvim page, and only works the display number 1, Im triying to see com1 act and standby frecuencies in 2 5 digits displays, but I dont know what happend now, please if you can help me.

I dont know if have any problem with max7219cng chip and unsable digits, or ISET resistor (try with some types of values).

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How do you connect the second display? They both should be configured to different outputs.
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I use 2 diferent pins for differents outputs, for example pin 30 and 31 to CLK pin in 7219, DIN and LOAD its the same for both...
PLease Vlad, if you can post a schematic for 7219CNG chips, the config parameters I'll be very greatful Thanks!! check your mail, I sent to you a G1000 pcb board :)