Just in testing phase of my setup.  Everything works perfectly direct to mega also with one mux board no problem input and output.   When I try to connect 2 or more boards things go crazy.  Pins stop working,  parameters cross over - ie. pin 6 will become pin 3 or come on together.  Alot of interference.   Setup is on breadboards with a mess of wires together in close proximity.  Could this be just electrical noise causing interference??  

Also on configurator I cannot setup rotary encoder to allow input state for pushbutton - ie, to change between mhz and khz.  I hit conditions then Input On - then I cannot select a pin.  This was working a week ago but last few days nothing.

Your help much appreciated


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1. No, it's not electrical noise, for such low-frequency strictly logic signals and short wired  system it's not an issue. (if only you have very bad noisy power supply).  Check your wiring. The system tested with wires of up to 3m long.

2. Encoder mode switching configuration was changed to be more compact for the data file (and requiring less steps). Assign the mode button to a pin first, then assign at least two parameters to an encoder. When clicking on the assigned encoder its parameters list will have a button named "Mode" at the top. Click it, then select the previously assigned Mode Button from the pin table.

Old method also works, but there was a bug in the configurator which has been corrected now. This method is good to use for assigning additional input condition for every separate parameter (for example, for using a rotary switch or previously assigned toggle switch as conditions).


In new configurator version (updated today) you even don't need to assign the button first.

Just add parameters (more than one!) for one encoder, and then clicking on assigned encoder you will see the button named "Mode" .
Click it and select needed pin for your button.

(also it can be already assigned previously button, switch,)

Great thanks Vlad.  Issue No2 is sorted.  No1 is frustrating me - I'll pull everthing apart and try again!


This problem is now fixed.  The mux board either faulty or possibly damaged when soldering.  Switched to new boards and now working perfect.