Hi Vlad and Roman
The sequence of the 3 switches is wrong as it jumps from START to OFF without stopping at RUN, please read and interpret the previous email since it is not the correct solution, already try the other modes in the configurator without any result Satisfactory, I appreciate your help.
* 1-1L2

T7 APU_Switch_3-pos

Do not work correctly on the APU power up sequence
Plane MD83 from X Plane for default, no custom
thank you Vlad and Roman
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Hi Milton,
did you try to change the wires? The middle (GND) with the bottom at the switch.

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Hi Frank, yes i try change all wires and mode configurator

and the same happens with the engine start, it would be easier if the user could make the changes directly in the data.cfg file and not send an email for each problem to change the configurator.
thanks Frank.

Milton Rodriguez.

These are some of my works with ArdsimX and SimVim


Ok Milton,

I think Vlad has a solution for that.
You have great projects.
yes Your coffee videos are the best :-) smiley Frank
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It turned out, there is a small bug in the  SimVim database, related to this specific switch only (wrong data order).

I have checked it with default plane (MD82) and it is "inverted". It works correctly with b737  Laminar+Zibo because they are using reassigned, another commands  and dataref (two up/dn commands plus one reference dataref).

We will correct this right now, then you need to download the updated SimVim.dat file (in an hour or so..)

NEW:  You can take the database file, corrected: https://simvim.com/simcom/index.php/simvim-download



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Solved wrong sequence APU start, thank you Vlad and Roman.