Hi there, before all my best compliments to your work, from your reading I start to rebuild my cockpit.... my dream aircraft was ATR 72-500 but with x-plane not have any software solution so I look for DASH 800: because I think slow flight are better simulation and living the air.

Two months ago after a windows 10 upgrade, my Saitek Rudder and Pedals not more recognised from computer. After night and night ot mods nothing work. So I leave the USB board from Oedals and connect all to MEGA 2560 with ETh interface. Wonderfool all work !

Only one thing have problem with C172 brake are blocked in park mode, with saitek is enought push togheter before start, but how I can add this istruction on data.cfg file ?

For the rest you have open to me a new world, star to reassembly EFIS and MCP fro OC to arduino....i write you the progress soon, last question : if I use XHSI for fly with Embraer 175 can use arduino to change switch state also if comes from this software connect by LAN to x-plane ?

Thanks a lot again. Lucas from Verona - Italy
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Open the "Gear/Brakes" section in the configurator, and use appropriate parking brake parameter.