Hello Sir,

At First tanks you for the excellent application as developed by u.

I have discovered that the LED's  Pitot_Heat_Off & Pitot2_Heat_Off act different to be more clear reversed. The first is working correct: Switch Pitot_L_Heat is Up (The OFF state)  LED is ON  and when the I turn this  Switch Down (The On state) the LED turn's Off.

The Pitot_R_Heat with the LED Pitot2_Heat_Off act into the reverse state what is wrong. The LED is in OFF state when the switch is Up and when this switch is setting Down it turns in ON state. I'am not be able to change it by any custom command's. Maybe you will correct it?

Have a nice day and thanks again. Bye bye and greetings from The Netherlands!!

Aug 3 in Laminar B738 ZiboMod by

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There is no any issues with these switches/LEDs, all should work correctly.

Make sure you have the latest database file (at least) and the latest plugin version.


Aug 3 by
Hello Mister Vlad,

I found the new firmware and install it. Now it works correct.

Sorry for my mistakes.

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