I have a working display, connecting MAX7221 directly to pin 30 as described here: https://simvim.com/tech/module_max.png

This works!
Then, when i am trying to multiplex the MAX7219, it doesnt work.
I am using this setup: https://simvim.com/output/svc_7seg.png

The multiplexer is already working as an input multiplexer, i just reused it (and reconfigured it as output) to have less possible errors.

Thanks in advance.

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If you have connected all as described, it definitely should work!
Else, you need to check your wiring again (address lines, signal line connection, etc.)
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Hi Vlad,

I updated my thread earlier, but it didnt get updated for some reason.
I did wire it wrong, not seeing the difference between input and output.