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I'm building a cockpit based around Zibos B737-800X and Simvim and have so far built an EFIS, MCP and OHD(80%). All was working great until about a week ago when all the OHD annunciators, except "Grd Power Available" stopped working. The EFIS and MCP are working fine.
I have spent hours checking wiring and everything I could think of to try and find the source of the problem but no joy. However,the annunciators seem to work ok with the default 737.
I'm now wondering if Zibo has changed the datarefs or the variables, particularly as I also use XChecklist which also now no longer responds when it goes away to check datarefs for system annunciator status.(If I change the variable it compares  from 1.0 to 0.5, it works)

Having checked a couple with DatarefTool, it kinda looks like the variables are 0.428xx or 0.5 for on dim/bright rather than 1.0. but I'm no expert here and could be wrong.
I have rolled back Zibo several iterations to when it used to work but still no joy so maybe it is something else.
Has anyone else come across this or any ideas or suggestions, I'm completely stuck?
Is there anything I can do within Simvim to sort it?

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Well I have an update on the problem.

If I load a flight, then select "Flight Configuration" from the menu bar, then "Change Location" (but change nothing) and then "Start New Flight" my OHD annunciators come alive!

Baffled?? Ideas anyone?


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I eventually discovered that the "LIGHTS TEST" switch on the MIP is now defaulted to "DIM" on first loading the aircraft, either by Zibos sim or by Simvim. This causes the datarefs to return a value of 0.5 rather than 1.0. Switching it to "BRIGHT" solves the problem both with the OHD and with XChecklist. I'm not knowledgeable enough yet with Simvim to be able to manage brightness functions to manage this so just set it to "BRIGHT"