I'm working on a C172 panel and am working on connecting encoders to control the flight instruments (Altimeter, Directional Gyro, etc...) and am having a weird issue I can't seem to figure out.  I have configured the encoder to adjust the altimeter by using the 'BARO_SETTING' value in the configurator.  I can then turn the physical encoder either clockwise or counter-clockwise but the Baro knob in the simulator only turns clockwise. What is even more weird is that I can reload configuration in the Simvim Plugin and turning the the encoder either direction there is a chance the Baro knob in the simulator might only turn counter-clockwise. I've had the same behavior trying the 'AP_HDG_SET' command.  I assume it would be that way with the other instruments.  I have tried setting the encoder type to 1, 2, or 3 to see if that makes a difference.  Type 3 doesn't work at all but Type 1 and Type 2 give the same weird behavior. I have also tried multiple encoders. In my current setup I've got about 70 different inputs (switches, encoders, and buttons) working without issue. Hoping someone has seen this and can offer help.  Appreciate it.


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Check again your encoders wiring, check correct location of the common terminal in your encoder - http://simvim.com/tech_encoder.html
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Thanks Vlad. It was the wiring. I learned a few things.

1. Don’t try to wire in the dark.

2. Don’t try to wire when your tired.

3. Always check the connections one more time.