Hi everyone !  I'm working on a 172SP G1000 project, and couldn't find the Standby Battery in the database.  I double check each database tabs, with no luck, nada, zero.  Any help please !!

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In the default Laminar C172  fro this switch assign this:

This 3-position switch is connected using two inputs (middle terminal on the GND):

- Battery2_Switch   - for Up switch position (OFF-ARM)
- Ann_Test    -  as momentary button, switch "Test" position.
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Hi Vlad !  Thanks for the reply and answer.  Even though I've been playing around with your software for a couple of months now, I've never run into an scenario like this, so I pretty much don't know where to start.  I looked for parameters that were already created with those names (Battery2_Switch and Ann_Test) but couldn't find them.  Also looked in the X-plane folder for some file that could give me a hint on what are you talking about, but nothing.  So I'll please appreciate if you can point me at least where to look or start at.  Or if there is a tutorial within the website that can help me out, please link it for me.  Thanks !

I don't see what do you mean by "..I looked for parameters that were already created with those names.."

All you need is - open the configurator page, click on the "Parameters table" --> "Electric" tab, select the "Battery2_Switch" and assign it  to one input.

The "Ann_Test" button you can find in the "Cockpit" section ("Test buttons for annunciators and systems)

Got it !!  Thank you very much !!