Hi guys:

Vlad and Roman.
I just want to wonder is XHSI commands and datarefs are supported and how to use them. I´ve tried to include some of them on ref.txt file but I´ve got a window saying "this dataref is not included on this aircraft".
How is correct way to set them up?

Second: Will it be possible to save the memory of the frequencies in this collin type radios?
It would also apply to ATC, COM, NAV, ADF

Milton Rodriguez.

thank for you information.



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Make sure you have the XHSI visible in the X-Plane Plugins menu.

Also, XHSI is planned to be added in the database as default later.

For memory function you can try to use the test SimVim memory option for some devices,
You can look at the parameters in the radio section ("Com,Audio,XPDR") and assign read from memory or write to memory buttons for those parameters that have the "m" letter in the 3rd table column.

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Hi Vlad
I am sure that the XHSI plugin is visible in the "pluging" folder
I have XHSI installed in ArdSimX works perfect in another P.C.

I will wait for it when your include it in the configurator.
I can't find a toggle switch or push button corresponding to the storage or memory call of a seven segment display function
It would be easier to understand if you write us an example of how to store a frequency memory and its corresponding memory call, check in the points that you indicated to me and only appear a phrase that says in the configurator "CANCEL"

thanks for you help us

Milton Rodriguez.

Sorry, we don't have a time to do everything that we planned and need to do at the same time.

I tried to add XHSI commands in conversion tool  right now and everything works.

About memory - again - Open  the parameters in the radio section ("Com,Audio,XPDR"  buton), select parameter (e.g. XPDR) and assign read from memory or write to memory button

those parameters that have the "m" letter in the 3rd table column.

Hi Vlad
Finally I found the parameters as you indicated, at this time SIMVIM does not recognize the toggle switch as it is obvious it is not the wiring and I have installed the last plugin to test several ways of reading and writing the radio memories and I did not have the expected result , I know I have asked several times  I apologize I am an electronic engineer and not a programmer engineer thanks for your patience and response
greetings from the SIMVIM community.
Milton Rodriguez



1 Com2_Standby

N30 D = 0 B = 1.10 b = 0

S5 Pitot_L_Heat
S5 Pitot_R_Heat
W7 Com2_Standby m = 1.1
R8 Com2_Standby m = 1
A9 Rudder_Position