Hi Vlad. 

If I add  AP_Speed_Over and AP_Speed_Under in the Zibo MCP and reload the configuration, X-Plane crashes.

If I add only one of them, everything is OK

Here is the data.cfg file:


N30 D=0 B=1,10 b=0

M2 Start_Eng1_4-pos
M6 Start_Eng2_4-pos

N30 HSI_Course o=4
N30 AP_SPD_Cmd
N30 AP_Speed_Over o=3
N30 AP_Speed_Under o=3
S2 Starter_Return_1

S3 Starter_Return_2

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I have the same. If I reconect, simvim is blocked. There may be a problem with the display configuration, but I can't do it.
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We have not observed such behaviour, all works fine.
Last time checked - right now.

Make sure you always have the latest version (current is 0.9.42) or at least the latest database file (SimVim.dat).

By the way, you don't need to add offset for Speed under/over parameters, it's pre-assigned in the database:
N33 AP_SPD_Cmd
N33 AP_Speed_Over
N33 AP_Speed_Under


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I removed the offset for the under/over parameters and X-Plane doesn’t crash anymore.
But, it should not crash with offset too, which is just ignored, tested.