SimVim 9.42 blocks landing gear for Zibo B737-800X !

thank you for your support
Aug 7, 2019 in Laminar B738 ZiboMod by

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SimVim not block it! wink

As you can see, in b737 gear lever there is a small red hook, that is locking the gear lever.

In  Laminar b737 (+zibomod)  this lock is working and you should unlock it, assigning it to the switch (see b737  image-map in the configurator)


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Hello Vlad.

Thank you for your fast respond. I know what you are saying, but it does solve my problem

the Zibo B737.

Since Simvim version 9.42, the landing gear wont retract in during flight ascension.
When i replace it with the older version 9.41d, it works fine.

P.S. For now, there is no button assign to the gear lever, only the latest plugin installed.

So i resume:
Version 9.41d  ( Battery on at startup instead of OFF)
Version 9.42 ( Landing gear wont retract in ) ... The lever works fine in both direction

Thank for your great work and have a great day



When we have corrected the safe covers opening on startup, one more opened cover was added (the Zibo "manual landing gear handles cover"). It's located below of the pedestal.

When this cover is opened it prevents the landing gear to be controlled by gear lever (I don't know if this reflects the real behaviour in real b737).

So, we  need  to prevent this cover open on start (you can close it to in your virtual cockpit).

Please download the new version. The cover that prevented the landing gear lever from moving now does not open by default.