I'm wondering (ever since .40) my reset Momentary PB switch doesn't do a hard reset on the MEGA 2560.

Wired to Gnd and Reset pin.

In fact the MEGA is not even recognized unless I disconnect the PB from Reset on MEGA.

Did something change in that release to affect this function, even though it should have nothing to do with SimVin?
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Is my MEGA "Reset pin" trashed, for some unknown reason?
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Why do you need to use reset button?

First, it's never needed, use "Hardware reconnect" in the plugin if you have troubles.
Second, this button in newest Megas is not active when the Serial port is busy and if you see flashing Rx/Tx it's useless.

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If I exit out of X-plane by quitting my panel LED's that are "on" remain on. After out of X-Plane only way to turn them off is by doing a hard reset. I'm forced to get into the back of panel & hit the Reset on the MEGA to shut everything off. W/out doing that they remain on till next launch of X-P.

A few releases ago it worked just fine wired into the "Reset" pin on the 2560, now for some reason it doesn't.
I would advise you to use a "master" power switch for your cockpit system.