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Sorry if it is too obvious but I was wondering how were the letters for the radio panels made for the Baron project. I guess it's using some sort of transfer decal? Are there online services to design and order your own decals? Or is there any other easy way to make this?

In this image it just looks it was printed on paper:


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Hi eduwushu - I took a slightly different approach which has worked out nicely. I laser engraved the labels next to the buttons. Much easier.

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Hi Dave thanks

Yeah ive seen different people laser engraving it, but requires specialized hardware that I dont own and even might be expensive. I really like the approach that the guys at SimVim have taken and how 'pro' the final result looks like by only using really common materials. I was assuming they used transfer decals but then i saw that photo with what it seems printed paper and I was wondering how they made it, as Im not nearly as resourceful and imaginative as they are unfortunately :(

Ok I think I found it reading through all the Baron 58 project. In the main panel section theres a small excerpt about the lettering:


The letters are simply printed on self-adhesive thin paper, with very carefully chosen color of lettering background to fit the panel color, and the paper is cut closest to the letters. It's not a "long living" lettering, though it looks good enough and easy to repair.

Also in the annunciator panel section one can see how they use this trasparent label.

I guess this was used as well to do the printed shapes in the faceplates of some instruments, like the audio panel (those rectangular outlines sorrounding groups of buttons):

I Wonder if its the same lettering that was used for buttons, as lettering in the panel is not normally  messed  with, while lettering in the buttons is constantly put to test as we use the sim and tamper constantly with the buttons, so it can become very short lived?

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Eduardo,  for this audio panel I have printed the full-sized mask, it's a complete panel texture with lines and letters, including the annunsiators section - all in one on plain paper. The LEDs are placed behind the annunciators in the square holes in the panel.