Question: Is it possible to use a « momentary ON/OFF switch » to replace  the normal « AT ARM switch » that uses a solenoid to move the switch when AT disconnects? 

By doing so, we could arm the AT by pressing the switch and wouldn’t need to move it to OFF and back to ON, to re-arm the AT when it as disconnected. The LED would indicate if the AT is armed or not.

Aug 16, 2019 in Laminar B738 ZiboMod by

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Hi Normand,

do you already have a mechanical solution?
I am still looking for a solution.

Let's see if Vlad & Roman can implement it.

Aug 20, 2019 by
No I do not have a mechanical solution. That is why I think that using a momentary ON/OFF switch would be a good alternative.

Hopefully Vlad or Roman can effectively implement it.

I would also like to see this as an option if possible.


Now waiting for Vlad or Roman to comment this post, and maybe having a solution.


It's late answer, but it's because when someone is answering before us, we can't see this question as "Unanswered".

So, you can use the AT_Arm_Switch  parameter with buttton - I have added this option to the main configurator table.
(also, you can simply replace the S## line in your data cfg file to the B## )


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