Hi, I have a doubt about the coding of the A / P disengage that is present in the MCP of the Boeing 738.

It seems to me that the big lever, present under the CWS A and CWS B buttons, relative to the A / P Disengage is a "switch".

However in the figure present in "Panel and Instruments Layouts" relating to the MCP (Collins) B737-8 this switch is associated with "AP_All_Disengage" which is managed as "buotton". It's correct? In my case it doesn't work, but it doesn't even work by associating it with the "AP_Switch" parameter.

I'm using SimVimCockpit_v0_9_42b

Thanks for the attention.

Greetings, Claudio
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I'm not sure how this works in SimVin, but in the aircraft there are 3 "AP_All_Disengage" points.
The one you mention on the MCP is definitely a switch, and is used to reset the ON state. There is also a pushbutton on each yoke for PIC to select AP off occasionally on very short final, where reaching across would be problematic.

Add to this the AFDS panel and led warn off button (AP, AT and MCP warnings).
thanks for the reply, what you say is very clear, but it is not the answer I was expecting.

I would like to know if it is really correct to assign to that switch the parameter AP_All_Disengage (defined "button") or not, and which then.

Regards, Claudio
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Hi, it must have happened that I asked a stupid question, in fact it is not much considered.

I make many mistakes and surely it will have happened again.

In fact I have to think that none of you had the same problem as me, however my MCP will remain unfinished for only one element: AP_All_Disengage. I regret it.

Thanks anyway, Claudio
It is difficult to answer Claudio...
AP_All_Disengage command may mean, A/P, A/Throttle and Flight Directors?
Could it be that an image is able to clarify better?


Ciao, Claudio

On my GoFlight panel it is a simple switch. It is up for ON, down to disconnect. The mock up is simply a push on bar with lugs to maintain its horizontal position.

Hope this helps
All clear, indeed very clear.

The problem is not the MCP panel and its components, but as SIMVIM manages the switch that enables/disables the autopilot.

I hope it's finally clarified.