I'm having a hard time getting some of my A320 overhead switches (mainly lights) in an original oem panel to work. These are 3-way toggle switches with On-On-Off logic, for example Emerg Exit (On, Arm, Off).
I'm using commands to set the dataref to 2, 1 and 0 but it seems that by switching from Arm to On the transfer of the middle contact (Arm) from closed to open state takes precedence over the top one (On) getting into the closed state so basically value 2 is never set (the toggle only switches between 1 and 0). I guess the problem is that there is no open contact state between the two switching actions as it would be in an On-Off-On scenario. In my understanding a contact being closed (switched to On) should override any prior or simultaneous opening over another contact. Is there anything I can do about it config wise?
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1. Assign the "Exit_Lights" T-switch in the configurator (mage-map for A320)

2. Connect the switch exactly as described for 3-pos toggle switch (2 inputs are used) - middle terminal (pole) to the GND and two throws - to the inputs. http://simvim.com/svc_inputs.html

3. As soon as this parameter is custom only, find appropriate commands (3 commands) or one writable dataref (or two up/dn commands with read-only dataref) to re-map it in the plugin menu.


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Thanks for your quick reply.
I already did what you wrote previously and also read and followed the instructions as good as I could.
The problem is (as far as I know) that the original Airbus toggle switch I'm using doesn't have a center OFF position.

The schematics are like this:

On  ----------
    GND __/

Arm -------
    GND __/      

Off (not connected)
Just try to set the value sequence 1,0,2,  not the 0,1,2
Hi Vlad,

I tried all that before with no success. When toggling from center to up position, I can briefly see the dataref value change from 1 to 2 and back to 1. It just wont stay at 2. But if I toggle the switch veeeeery slowly, it works. The switches themselves are working. I checked that. It seems to be a timing issue of some kind.