Hello, I am trying to build a radio stack similar to the Saitek stack where I have an encoder or rotary switch that will select the mode (Com1, Com2, Nav, Xpdr, etc) and then when I rotate it, a single 7 segment display will change to show the complete frequency but also the tuning knob will then point to that same mode so I can adjust it.  By doing this, I won't have to have 6 encoders for tuning and 6 7 segment displays.  Is this possible?  Thanks for the help
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1. assigne several output parameters to the same display
2. select assigned parameter - click and select "Conditions"
3. select the "Input State ON" and  choose the  pin or mux input number to which the first rotary switch position is connected

- repeat p. 2,3 above for all other assigned outputs.

- connect your rotary switch accordingly and test your display

Regarding one encoder - multiple parameters - see the previous posts here.

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Thanks Vlad.  I see how this would change the 7 segment display but how would it also change the rotary encoder so it changes the correct frequency at the same time?  As an example I'd like to be able to change the rotary switch so it selects COM1 and displays the current frequency but then I can rotate the encoder to change the frequency of COM1.  Then I can change the rotary switch to NAV1 and see the frequency and then rotate that same encoder as before to now change the frequency for NAV1.  Hopefully that makes sense.  Thanks!

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