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I recently found SimVim and would like to start to make a custom hardware panel to interact with Xplane11. I downloaded the latest SimVimCockpit v0.9.42b which I'm lead to believe contains the xplane11 plugin and firmware required to flash to a mega2560. I installed the plugin in xplane and the plugin finds my COM port and the Mega2560. But when I try to flash the device it fails. The plugin log file shows

"can't open input file 2560_USB.hex: no such file or directory"

Can anyone please let me know where I can find the firmware 2560_USB.hex file so I can flash my 2560 with the firmware and start interfacing using this great software.

Thanks in advance.

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No flash, read :http://simvim.com/start_first.html

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Hi Patrick, Thanks for your reply.

I have read all the articles related on simvim over a few times and i believe I still need to perform a "firmware upload" inside the plugin before I can use the currently blank board and start configuration.

The firmware upload is where it all fails, I need to create a master board and avrdude (the chip flashing application that runs in the background to create the master board) needs a hex file to flash my mega 2560 before I can create inputs and outputs using the configurator.

Hope this makes sense.

Hi Again.

I figured it out. I'm guessing this is machine specific to me only which is why I didn't find anyone else having issues.

For those who want to know how I got it working.. please read on.

I re-ran the firmware upload process inside Xplane as you are supposed to as advised by all the great articles. For me the upload utility seems to freeze everytime I try to upload the firmware, I was previously running in full screen mode so couldn't see any logs while it was running. I guess I was "flying blind" :-)

I started via command line XPlane in window-mode. I can see the AVRDUDE seperate process running from terminal of Ubuntu when trying to flash the 2560 with the missing hex file. For some reason on my Ubuntu 18.04 machine, when the command being executed from the plugin utility the path to the hex file is incorrect and fails. As I stated in my question, in the AVR folder, the log shows "cant find file". I opened ubuntu file explorer and to my surprise I can see the 2560_USB.hex file being created when you press upload on the firmware upload utility. I copied the hex file before killing the frozen process (which removes the hex file on closure, now I know why the file was "missing")

I re-ran the same command from the Linux command line but fixed the path to the firmware and it uploaded. I reviewed the AVR log file and everything looked great.

Relaunched Xplane11 and Voila....My Mega2560 is connected with correct firmware and data is flowing.

Now to head over to configurator and start making my panels.

Looking forward to making Xplane even better with SimVim.